Sunday, 29 April 2012

Finding Your Way

In the second installment of the iPads and Autism blog, I want to focus on some websites that are very helpful in finding the best apps for education, communication and other issues relevant to autism.
One site that I have found to be invaluable is:

Every Friday this site features a number of recommended apps, all of which are reduced in price or free for the day. I have found many excellent apps through this site, and visiting it every Friday is part of my weekly routine.

Moms with apps also features a list of apps for special needs created by its group of developers.

When we initially acquired iPads at Giant Steps, the first list of apps designed for special needs that I found was created by Eric Sailers, a speech-language pathologist and creator of ArtikPix, a speech articulation app. His website has a comprehensive list of special needs apps and resources.

The Apps for Children with Special Needs site has written and video reviews of a wide range of apps, focusing on many designed specifically for special needs.

iPad Apps & Resources for People with Autism is an extensive list compiled by a speech-language pathologist, a parent and an adult with autism.

Here is a link to an interview with Temple Grandin in which she discusses the iPad, and as usual quickly and accurately cuts to the heart of the matter.

In upcoming weeks I will be focusing on specific ways of using the iPad wth individuals with autism, drawing on my experience as well as the expertise of others.
If you have any stories, insights or comments you would like to share, or suggestions for topics of discussion, please contact me.

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